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About Our Pet Spa & Boutique in Fresno.

Welcome to Central Bark Pet Spa and Boutique, where we care for your fur babies as if they were our own. It’s our mission to provide a welcoming environment for our canine and feline guests with pampering by experienced groomers. Rest assured that our professionals understand your dog or cat is nervous in the new and different environment of our pet salon in Fresno. With our love of animals and understanding of their nature, we do everything possible to make them feel secure and comfortable. Our groomers take care of them in a responsive manner and are attentive to their needs. We want your pet to go home looking and feeling the best.


Been around for
quite some time in this Town.

Established more than ten years ago, our pet salon is now under new ownership. The salon has been remodeled to provide an appealing and pampering environment for our customers.  Although the shop has changed, the same groomers are still on staff to take care of our furry clients.

Pampering Your Pooch

Feel confident our pet groomers recognize the differences between dogs and cats. We don’t treat them the same understanding that canine and feline natures are distinctly different. We also appreciate that each pet has his or her unique personality and respond with caring and concern.

Our dog bathing packages begin with a good long soak. After all, it’s easy for fur to get dirty and matted, but shampoo and conditioning make Fido look like himself again.  We even offer a soothing massage bath to ease muscles and aches from a busy day at the dog park. Your customizable package can include bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and/or teeth brushing. After a session with our groomers, your puppy is even cuter than before.

two puppies looking at user
bathed cat by central bark pet spa & boutique

Coddling Your Cat

Your Cat

Your kitty likely is very careful about grooming and cleaning his or herself on a regular basis. However, regular bathing gets your cat even cleaner and leaves the fur looking and feeling soft and smelling fresh. Let us customize a cat grooming package that consists of all the essential services including shampooing, drying and brushing out the fur, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. To sweeten the deal, we can add teeth brushing and freshening.

Use the contact form below to contact us about a pampering session for your dog or cat. We proudly serve pets and their owners in the Fresno area of California.